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Is there a time of day that you prefer to shoot in outdoors?
As wedding and event  photographers, we are experienced with working under a range of lighting conditions at any time of day. We are also accustomed to working under challenging weather conditions. Here is a general guide for what you can expect depending on time of day. 
Early morning  - warm natural light
Late Morning/Midday  - hard sunlight and harder shadows, great for dramatic black and white photos and shadow effects, generally lighting may have a strobed hard light look,
Late afternoon/early evening - warm golden light, great for natural light shooting,
Night - long exposure shots and dramatic city lights.
Weather: sunny days are hard light/overcast days are soft diffused light.

Do I need a second photographer?    
All weddings benefit from having a second photographer. Weddings with a guest count of under 100 guests with one location and small wedding party (less than 4) can be covered by 1 photographer. Weddings with a guest count of over 75 people, multiple location weddings and weddings with a large wedding party benefit the most from having two photographer coverage. The wedding day often has a need for a photographer to be in two places at the same time and from a storytelling perspective, having two photographers will give you at least two perspectives of all of the quickly unfolding moments that happen on the wedding day. 

Does Kesha Lambert Photography have a team of photographers?
Yes, we do! You can view the associate galleries under the Team section of our website.

Do you photograph Destination Weddings?
 Yes! We are based in New York, but document weddings internationally. 

    What types of photography do we offer?
Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography (Engagement, Maternity, Family), Corporate and personal Events  

What is the Kesha Lambert Photography style?
Light, movement, color, and emotion are staples in our work.  We are inspired by people, their stories, quirks, chemistry. We take a storytelling approach to weddings and portraiture that is colorful, fashion influenced and alive.  
Will I get both color and black and white images
Yes, we deliver images in both black and white and color.

Do you have vendor recommendations?
Yes you can view some of the vendors we've worked with in our blog section.

What type of equipment does KLP work with?
We are team Nikon and a wide range of portrait, telephoto, wide and macro lenses, professional lighting equipment, portable strobe lighting and flashes.  Lead photographer Kesha Lambert is a Magmod Ambassador and  we use the Magmod system to produce the look of studio lighting on the go.

Have you worked at my venue before?    
We've worked weddings and events at many popular and off the beaten path wedding venues in the NYC and Tri-State area. We've also worked many venues across the country and internationally - you can view some of these venues on our blog. 

Do you need a photo list?
   We don't need a shot list, but very much want to know about any special photo ops that you would like to have captured on your wedding day. For example, specific family members or friends that are important for formal portraits or anything particularly meaningful or significant to you.

Privacy Rights:
What If I don't want to be on social media accounts/online?    We respect the privacy of our clients and have worked with many couples who prefer to have the images private. We offer two fee-based privacy options for clients to choose from.

Do you work with props?    
We take a collaborative approach to decide what/if any props will be included in your session. In some instances, the photographer will bring props or make suggestions for props for your session.

Do you offer wedding cinema?    
We do not offer wedding cinema. But we have partners that we work well with and would be happy to recommend based on your wedding plans.

I've never had my photos professionally taken - how do you help someone with posing and getting in the right frame of mind.    
We take an experiential approach to portrait photography. This means that during your portrait session we engage in very small activities with a goal of instigating real and authentic interaction between subjects, an emotional exchange, and a show of personality. For stylized posed portraits we take an editorial approach and offer an abundance of direction for ideal body positioning and expression. We want you to look natural, comfortable and jaw-dropping. All you need to do is show up and we will take it from there!

Do you offer album and print products?
Yes we do. We offer a broad range of album and print products.

What type of edits do you do? Do you offer additional editing services?
Magazine quality, print-ready photos. We do a natural edit and make sure that you look eye-catching and polished. For edits not included as a part of our standard editing process, we offer fee based options.

What do I wear? Where do I shoot? Do you help with planning my engagement session?
We gather intel about you via a couples questionnaire and based on the information that you share we can make location and styling recommendations. 

Are you insured?
Yes, we are! Proof of insurance will be provided upon request.

How much time should I book for my portrait session?
My general guide is you need a minimum of 30 minutes for each outfit/look you plan to wear. For multi location sessions we map the distance for travel between the locations and add time based on the amount of travel time will be needed. So for example, if you are doing 2 locations that require 20 minutes travel time apart and you’re doing 3 total outfits/looks, you will need a 2 hour session. If you are doing one look, one location 30 minutes to an hour is perfect! 

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