Ludmilla + Eduoard

Location: Huntington, New York
Venue: Harbor Club at Prime
Lighting: day wedding, outdoor, waterfront, cloudy day, night reception, cellar,

This classy couple had one gorgeous wedding at The Harbor Club in Huntington, New York.
Ludmilla and Edouard met each other during their Residency in 2012. They have an adventurous demeanor and are fun loving and family oriented. Edouard asked Ludmilla to be his wife during a romantic dinner between the two of them. He even had his friends hide in the restaurant so that they could sneak some photos of the proposal. Too sweet!

The overcast weather gave the harbor a dreamy feel. Ludmilla's beaded dress was awe dropping, and the different shades of purples and pink florals for the centerpieces were whimsical and romantic. Lauren Beamon of Elle Audrey New Yor did all of the gorgeous Event Design and Planning and truly created a stunning day! Congratulations to Ludmilla + Edouard on your marriage!
-Mindy @KLP