Adar + Tyrel

“Spread Love”, a nod to the late Notorious B.I.G and “A Perfect Pair” were the words of the day for Adar and Tyrel. Their wedding, an homage to Brooklyn and falling in love, was artfully executed. I could feel the love, thought, careful planning and passion that was poured in to every clever detail. Adar carried her father with her in an urn that was laced around her fingers; the sentiment and thought behind this is touching. This amazing couple first met at as coworkers; they both worked for The Brooklyn Nets and Tyrel introduced himself to Adar on his first day. I suppose we can say the rest was history. Their chemistry is truly electric. Tyrel is a sports professional with a warm temperament. Adar is a dancer, choreographer and furniture designer with an easygoing spirit. They are indeed the perfect pair. They support each other wholly and they share a deep admiration for each other that is simply put, beautiful. Adar designed each element of their wedding and with the support of their family their vision came to life. Check the wedding recap!

Planning and Design: Adar Wellington of Tweak It Shop
Venue: Greenpoint Loft